about TED

TED is a non-profit organization that deals with ideas worth promoting. At the beginning, 25 years ago, it was about a four-day conference organized regularly in California. Currently, TED is a lot of projects supporting ideas that can change the world. Every year, invited to the TED conference, thinkers and activists from around the world present eighteen-minute speeches, which are then made available free of charge on the TED.com website. TED speakers included Bill Gates, Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweal, Isabel Allende and the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The TED conference takes place every year in the city of Long Beach, California, with simultaneous video transmission available in Palm Springs. In Britain, the annual TEDGlobal conference is organized. TED’s media initiatives include, among others, the TED.com website (where the latest TEDTalks presentations are placed every day), as well as the Open Translation Project, a program under which interactive transcripts of recordings and subtitles in foreign languages are created. Such translations are performed by volunteers from around the world. TED also sponsors the annual TED Prize, thanks to which exceptional people who want to change the world have the opportunity to make their dreams come true. TEDx enables individuals and groups to individually organize local conferences around the world, and the TEDFellows program helps innovators who change the world to enter the TED community and, with its help, increase the effectiveness of their extraordinary projects. Details of the project can be found at twitter.com/TEDTalks or on Facebook, facebook.com/TED.

about TEDx

In the spirit of “ideas worth promoting” as part of the TED organization, TEDx was created, a program of local conferences held independently, which helps spread the idea of TED.

Our event is called TEDxRakowicka, and “x” in its name means an independently organized meeting under the TED license. The name refers to the location, that is Rakowicka 27 – campus of the University of Economics in Cracow. The name of UEK (Cracow University of Economics is a forbidden name under the TEDx conference license).

TEDx is organized by the Volunteers of the Foundation of the University of Economics in Krakow, with which you had the opportunity to cooperate on the occasion of other conferences. During TEDxRakowicka, screenings of selected lectures from the TED website and presentations of invited speakers will inspire the exchange of ideas and establishing contacts in a small group of local conferences. Choci until TED sets general guidelines for the TEDx program, local conferences under this banner, such as TEDxRakowicka, are organized independently.

The form of presentation is original and unconventional. The TED library contains over 30,000 lectures from over 130 countries, including Poland. The most popular TED Talk has over 50 million views.

Our volunteers

Renata Pawłowska

Tomasz Dubicki

Daria Fornek

Paula Gala

Rafał Knapik

Krzysztof Zawiślak

Diana Dubenska

Ola Witoszek

Dominik Strządała

TEDxRakowicka ul. Rakowicka 27 Kraków