The Next Chapter

16.11.2019 r.

Krakow’s Economic University Campus

Rakowicka 27 Street, Kraków

13:00 – 19:30








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Rafał Zabierowski - "ZŁOMBOL", or how to help and have fun with it.

Andrzej Tucholski - "How good that it is raining - about self-determination of happiness. "

Aleksandra Wizor - “The next chapter: Above divisions"

A woman who got out of a small town to capital in order to make her dreams come true. Ever since she can remember she’s in love with sport and knows it inside and out. In 2016 she started her journey with volunteering on many sports events, both national and international, which began to pay off in 2019 in her career and enabled to work inter alia as an organizer and coordinator of sports events, employee in sports marketing, tour guide in a football club. Her job includes also travelling,
which she considers very valuable. Since childhood she was finding herself in different disciplines until she found one and only – athletics, which she’s training for passion to this day in University Sports
Association in Warsaw.
Moreover, she’s a fan of theatre and film, she took part in a lot of acting classes, played in a youth theatre in her hometown and sometimes she was appearing on a movie set as a episode amateur actress.
Currently she’s also a student of Finances, Accounting and Insurances at the Faculty of Management

Michal Faber - „Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose: how to hire, motivate and retain highly skilled professionals in a hypercompetitive job market”

Spree Commerce evangelist – coordinating open-source community relations & open-source project marketing. Organizer of OpenCommerce Conf hosted in New York ( Co-founder & COO of Spark Solutions ( – Ecommerce consultancy and Ruby on Rails & Spree Commerce software house. We are experts in building Ecommerce solutions, online marketplaces, B2B solutions – all with great, mobile-first UX.

Ola Budzyńska - "Opt out - efficiency is the art of letting go"

Specka since time, planning and “embracing”. Former soft skills trainer. A blogger who has been focusing on her services and products from the very beginning of her blog, which she currently has over 100.
He does not cooperate with brands and agencies, he does not earn some extra money, he does not work full-time. 100% supported by PSC.
She is the creator of five online courses, a series of proprietary physical products that help women manage time, the author of the book “How to become a lady of your time. Time management for women ”and e-books showing how to run an online business.
She created a huge and very engaged community of Ladies of Your Time and #gangPSC, i.e. a virtual team of women helping to develop her business.
Every month he runs free webinars, for which several thousand women subscribe each time.
She is 40 years old and has an ordinary life with her husband and two children. Hates corpom and cotton wrapping.

Paweł Bogusław - "Multitasking your ally or your enemy in development?"

Agnieszka De Neve - „Have you uplifted your beloved women today? Modern femininity in the light of #womenforwomen movement”

Agnieszka De Neve also known as Cherry Bee: Internationally published Pin-Up/Retro model, blogger, #bodypositive and #womenforwomen activist.

Among all, owner of the retro agency Cherry Bee Retro and the co-founder of the Holy Bee Retro University, first Polish Pin-Up finalist in the history of Miss Viva Las Vegas (2018). She cooperates with national and international brands and photographers, gathering knowledge and experience in the modelling, history of fashion and women’s movements around the world.

She strongly believes that support and women’s empowerment is the future.

Ryan Socash - “I was a small class kid”



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